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About Us

Twin Jugs is a small and personal motorcycle shop. We care about KEEPING your bike on the road (anyone can get a bike on the road, keeping it there as long as possible between services is where the true test resides for a road bike). We care about the quality of our work first (sorry, but it's about your bike first and you second), if we can't keep your bike happy.. we can't keep you happy (there are shops out there doing the opposite though if that's what you want).

We're not the fastest shop in town (matter of fact we may be the slowest at times) because we take our time so we can do the job right and not require a "second chance". Our primary business is servicing your bike which includes anything from fabrication to tuning as well as the periodical scheduled maintenance required by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company to keep your warranty intact and find issues before they become problems... however we do sell parts and accessories also. In our showroom we not only offer our customers the needed catalogs in an easy to use format, but also a dual monitor computer with full internet service to browse through both the paper and electronic catalogs. This allows our customers to not only browse to see what parts are available for their model of motorcycle on the internet, but also to keep and/or check notes they would like to compile for future use (including emailing themselves notes and saving them for use in their own folders on the computer system). We don't have a lot of time to BS, but we will try to help steer you in the right direction or let you know when we think you might be getting bad info somewhere or getting in over your head in one way or another. This combined with the computer access, the catalogs, cold drinks in the fridge and hot coffee always being on are our way of giving you the needed materials and tools to help you make an informed decision on your purchases when we don't have the time to discuss every little detail about something you may or may not do. From street use to land speed racing and from the early v-twins to the current twin-cams... we do factory authorized services, welding, fabrication, machining, engine building, *troubleshooting, *tuning (including fuel injection tuning using the Dyno Jet Power Commander or Screaming Eagle Race Tuner), insurance estimates (there is a charge) and repairs and just about anything in between these services (with the exception of factory warranty work, sheet metal painting, chroming and powder coating). Stop on in and see us sometime, we're mighty small and hard to find, but we hear it's worth a free cup of coffee if nothing else.

We have a Dynojet 250i Dynamometer but we do not do horsepower printouts for bragging rights or simply because someone wants to know how much horsepower or torque they have. We are concerned about the longevity of a motor in the way a specific rider uses it, and about troubleshooting specific issues that a rider is experiencing rather than how much power they can say their bike has (there are plenty of other shops and dyno shootout places for that). We will use anything from component specific circuits to live run video, and we can use them on the street in their intended application before reproducing those same parameters on the dyno to get the info needed to troubleshoot a problem or tune a specific problem area that a rider is experiencing.

Todd has been wrenching on Harley's since he was in high school. For him it’s a passion and the philosophy of: He who cares the most… does the best job.

Here’s his words:
Someone learning to wrench happens every day. From the classrooms full of students at MMI wanting the “cool” career, to the backyard guy trying to get to the bar to see his girl tonight. Someone learning to care only happens at birth (you either care about the task at hand being right, or you care about being done with and finishing it… there’s no real good in between here), out of those born to care there are very few that work on Harley’s on a daily basis. In other words, you can learn to wrench but you can’t learn to care, and we all know this shows very easily to the impartial and naked eye.

Forget the certificates on the walls, the cool tools, the mechanic’s hotrod, the owner’s chopper or their fancy showroom… talk to the guy or gal that’s going to work on your bike (yes there are some top notch girls wrenching these days that truly care, many would be wise to give them more work). If you aren’t comfortable talking to the wrench-holder they shouldn’t be touching your bike, it’s that simple. Ask to see the work area where your bike will be and eyeball their work habits and parts or tool layout. Is it all thrown on a cart or lift, or is it labeled who’s it is and positioned on a shelf or bench methodically? Don’t forget while checking them out, you’re in their place of business (which in my case is as sacred as my house and is thankfully treated as such by all of our existing customers), so remember first impressions work both ways here. A good relationship, a lot of trust and productive conversations between the mechanic and the bike owner is where a large amount of troubleshooting gets done in a very short time (again, it still works both ways with the comfort and trust factors here also).There are some tips I jotted down that were printed in a couple issues of American Iron Retailer Magazine for what I think will better pair the riders and the shops to each other. These lists are Questions for Customers and Thoughts for Shops. Check them out (I make sure our prospective customers do so they know where I stand), and use them anyway you see fit. If you follow as much as possible on these lists (whether you’re a bike owner or shop owner), I promise you will cut down on many of your heartaches and headaches I hear so frequently mentioned on both sides of the counters out there. As far as the shop here… well, we aren’t fast, we aren’t inexpensive (and we certainly aren’t cheap either), and there’s a lot of stuff we refuse to do or don’t want part of. We are very detailed, we document a lot of specs (I will put many of our files up against most doctors office’s files), we put function roughly twenty times beyond looks and will tell you if something is not what we recommend and why we won’t sell it to you (no matter how much money we stood to make off it). There are shops out there that will fix your bike in a day, build or restore a bike in a couple months, work for next to nothing, throw any part you want on your bike, paint and chrome the world, etc, etc, etc. and if that’s what someone is looking for those shops are easy to find. Due to this our prospective customers are few and our current customers are priceless. It comes down to this: We may not be for you, but if you look with everything above in mind, I’m positive you can find the shop that is right for you.

Debbie plays the rolls of Office Manager, Accounting Department, Payroll, Supplies, Food restocking, Web Master & Logistics.

If it was only that simple… this woman is phenomenal and although she’s not at the shop all day every day, she does work on and for the shop every day. Debbie (known to many as DahMurf, or Murf for short) handles all the necessary paper pushing to keep us legal & running like a business! It sure couldn’t exist without all of her behind the scenes work that any full time office manager would handle.

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