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Contact our service department at 540-657-8481
to inquire about specific bikes, services or prices.
We cover all years of Harley Davidson and most every year air-cooled American made V-twin motorcycle.

The following are industry standard services that we provide with a much closer eye then most. These are typical charges for late model bikes in maintained condition. The actual charge is dependent on the condition, needs and style of bike at the time of service. Certain models,  such as Sportster Sports, 04 & later Sportsters and Springers, require a little more work at certain service intervals. We find the things the other guys look for.. but we catch them BEFORE they break.

Hourly labor rate is $100.
Hourly machine work & custom fabrication rate is $100.

Regular Maintenance
- Prices include service parts, fluids and filter.
- Prices may increase if additional parts are needed.
- Oil and filter change is a part of every service.
- Synthetic Oil will be an additional $8 per quart.
Mileage      XL           BT      Road Kings, Springers
& Heritage
500 $450.00 $475.00     $525.00     $550.00
2,500 $375.00 $400.00     $450.00     $475.00
5,000 $475.00 $500.00     $550.00     $575.00
7,500 $375.00 $400.00     $450.00     $475.00
10,000 $600.00 $700.00     $750.00     $775.00

Prices subject to change without notice
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